Adeline Jones

In my time without owning a horse, I joined the scouting movement as an adventurous activities leader. It was during this time that I met Adeline, as part of an activity camp. Adeline breeds Quarter horses at Wilden farm, and owned Buddy’s sire – Rowley’s Late Arrival. I have learnt a lot working with Adeline and her breeding stock.

Training with Cheryl Buck

I have been to a few clinics with Cheryl and spent some time with Buddy at Berkley Farm. She is a brilliant horsewoman and has a real feel for equine behaviour. One of her influences who also inspires me being Honza Blaha –

Horse Agility with Mel Garner

I have done a few sessions with Mel which has helped me to be a little more inventive with things I can do or use, to challenge a horses mind in a light and fun way.

Working Pupil with Mary Wanless RWYM

I joined the team at Overdale for a Month as a working pupil, to deepen my understanding of Rider Biomechanics. I have also been on several intensive courses including the basic Teacher training course.

BHS training

I currently have taken examinations in the BHS up to Stage 2 and have passed all but the lunging section of stage 2 first time. Although the BHS is a great institution, I find that my path has been branching away from the BHS syllabus.

Working at Indigo Irish Draughts

Working with this lovely breed was a privilege. A truly amazing large breed of horse, and all well bred to make some fantastically well graded horses.

Working at Rowley Racing

It was hard work but the experience of working with young, sometimes highly strung race horses added an alternative perspective to my training, and the work that needs to go in to have the horses at the right peak of fitness for race day.

Working at Tracy James Natural Horse Centre

A last minute opportunity to work with horses in Spain was one I couldn’t miss. The teachings here are based around using your energy to communicate in a non-verbal, non-intrusive way with the horses. From body centered awareness exercises to riding with one rein, my time here gave me a much deeper understanding of how effective our energy, focus and intent can be. The summer I spent here is one that I will never forget.

Mary Walker

Mary was the Manager at the Tracy James centre in Spain. Her passion and love for the herd, and her care for them both physically and mentally was an inspiration. She is now setting up her own centre to continue offering Equine Energy and Mindfulness courses, as a non-profit organisation.

Anna Marciniak

Anna looks at finding calm for you and your horse, aiming to raise both your body awareness and the horses’ awareness of his own body too. I have her calmness based life book and have joined in with some BodyMarc sessions.